Target Data

The run-down

Target Data is a national leader in people-based marketing. They came to us looking to present their complex value, more simply. 


  • Web Design & Development

  • Website Support & Maintenance
  • Brand Extension
  • Collateral Design

The work

Communicating value, simply

 Whenever you see something really clean and nice online, you know a lot of work went into making the content that simple and digestible. Little is ever ‘easy.’ We helped distill Target Data’s comprehensive value in a way that was digestible online with a simple site structure and custom infographics.  

A new look

Storytelling is an essential part of website design. We love telling our clients stories’ in a way they feel is more reflective of who they are and what they offer. With Target Data, a leader in people-based marketing, we introduced unique imagery, bold headers, short sentences and iconography we’ve never seen anywhere else.